Brand transformation for growth.

That’s what I love doing and that’s what I’d like to help you to do.  By improving each connection of your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, leveraging existing customer as advocates and using your whole brand ecosystem to acquire new customers.

I also champion disruptive brands that are creating improved customer solutions to everyday life.

How do I help you?

Once BRAND vision and objectives are set I focus on the ‘how’ to close the gap between today and that vision.

Through my approach which is; human, commercial, grounded in marketing theory, uses best practice and data evidence, plus uses 20 years on the job experience. And through building and coaching teams and collaborating with people.

Amanda Dyjecinski

Amanda Dyjecinski

Brand Transformation Consultant

Where I have learnt my craft.

I have had the fortune of learning valuable lessons from global brands across many sectors and also I have been hands on helping smaller companies grow.  Within these brands I have either driven significant transformation projects or delivered improvements in; brand propositions, processes, communications, market/ customer insight, and/or team capabilities.

Premium Retail & Ecommerce

Financial Services


Agencies & Consultancies


I also invest my energy, expertise and/or money in helping smart start ups GROW fast as an angel investor to the following brands.